If You Are Going to Travel Do It in Style

The best way to travel to a comic convention is definitely by party bus, but this year when we went to get the bus for our group of twelve I couldn’t find one available. So I went online to see if I could find one that was available. I did a internet search for Toronto party bus. I know most people think that the type of person that goes to a comic convention is a nerd and wouldn’t know how to have a good time ever, but that is definitely not the case with our group. Yes, we do dress up for the convention and each year we have a vote on who we should dress up as, and there are no women in our group, but we are totally cool in our real life. I am computer IT director at the firm I work for so yes I am a geek in some ways, but I am also a handsome guy who has a great girlfriend. I guess you could say I am like Leonard on the Big Bang Theory.

Every year me and my friends love to let loose and have a great time the week of the comic convention. This year we decided to go as Avengers, and I was Thor. After looking on the internet for a few minutes I was lucky to find your website and knew right away you would be perfect for our trip. You could easily handle the amount of guys that would be on our trip too and had a party bus available for the days we needed. Thanks to the party bus we arrived at the comic convention in style and really enjoyed all of the adult beverages that were on the bus. Truly the only way to travel when you want to travel in style.