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If You Are Going to Travel Do It in Style

The best way to travel to a comic convention is definitely by party bus, but this year when we went to get the bus for our group of twelve I couldn’t find one available. So I went online to see if I could find one that was available. I did a internet search for Toronto party bus. I know most people think that the type of person that goes to a comic convention is a nerd and wouldn’t know how to have a good time ever, but that is definitely not the case with our group. Yes, we do dress up for the convention and each year we have a vote on who we should dress up as, and there are no women in our group, but we are totally cool in our real life.

A Limo Bus for Our Trip

I was trying to figure out the logistics for transportation for an upcoming trip. If it was just for my family, it would be easy to figure out. However, it was for six families, which meant that it was more involved than telling the kids to hop in the car so we could go. With these six families, there were 29 people between spouses and children. I went to to see how much it would cost to just get a limo that would be able to hold all of us comfortably.

Had I known just how inexpensive of an option it was, all things considered, I wish I had looked at this first instead of after thinking things over for a few hours. I mainly wanted all of us to be able to stick together, since we were all traveling into an area that we weren’t too familiar with. It was just a couple of hours from us, but it was still not an area that most of us were comfortable in on our own.