Best Places You Can Visit in Munich for Free

best-places-you-can-visit-in-munich-for-freeMunich, the beautiful capital of Bavaria, is a unique city, which breaths life, agitation, and far-reaching history. As you might expect, Munich is the exact opposite of a bargain city to visit. Hence, we assembled a list of the best places you can visit for free.

Albeit of your tastes, you’ll unquestionablyfind something to fall in love with in Munich, whether it’s art, fantastic architecture, splendid gardens, or world-class soccer.

  1. English Garden

The English garden is based on the core of the city and is a treasurable place, which gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy some peace and quiet. This park is actually bigger than the famous Central Park in New York. You can explore the windingpaths and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. There are some decorated formal gardens you can relish, and a unique Chinese pagoda as well. And of course, as you’d expect of Munich, there’s a beer garden which is perfect for enjoying a cold beer and a salty, traditional pretzel.

  1. Asamkirche

Asamkirche is one of Munich’s many churches. Even though it’s often overlooked, it provides a visual feast of the Rococo architectural style. The embellished decorations and the particular sanctuary atmosphere are elements that feature this church.

  1. Nymphenburg Park

If you wish to add an ounce ofglamor and flair to your escape in Bavaria, make sure you visit Nymphenburg Park. Visiting this place is free of charge, and is certainly worth your time since the place is one of the most impressive sites in the region. Since it’s located at approximatively 5km northwest the city center, it is featured by a canal, which is turned into an ice-skating ring, when the temperatures are freezing, during the winter. You can reach Nymphenburg Park via tram 17, which you can take from the main train station – Hauptbahnhof.

  1. St Peter’s Church Tower

Climbing 306 stairs up to the tower of St Peter’s Church doesn’t cost you a thing, but the reward is certainly unparalleled since the view from up there is spectacular. Concurrently, this sanctuary is part of Munich’s great history, as it dates from 1180.

  1. Museum Brandhorst

Albeit this isn’t 100 percent free, you can visit this museum for an insignificant fee, namely, one euro, during Sundays. You can admire the works of Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Bruce Nauman, CyTwombly, Joseph Hirst and Joseph Beuys.

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